Perfektes Geschenk


Olive wood lemon squeezer "The Juicy Lemon

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Enjoy your summer lemonade, lemon juice or lemon tea with the help of our practical olive wood lemon squeezer.
Length: 14 cm

Länge: 14 cm

Genießen Sie Ihre Sommerlimonade, Zitronensaft oder Zitronentee mit der Hilfe von unseren praktischen Zitronenpresse aus Olivenholz.

Our mission

It all started with the feeling of fresh earth on his skin and the scent of olive wood in his nose. When Brahim (right) planted his first tree on the family's olive tree plantation back then at the age of 5, he had no idea that his path would later lead him to Germany, where he met his friend and current business partner Tobias (left) after graduation. Their joint journey to his home country resulted in a common mission: to bring the wonderful variety of Tunisia's traditionally handmade creations to the world. Today, they run SOLTAKO jointly and internationally from Geneva and Munich, offering a variety of products in the unique combination of high-quality Swiss design and the precious raw material of olive wood.


is a sub-brand of SOLTAKO GENEVE. For this, with a lot of know-how, attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship, olive wood products are produced in high quality and design.

Each of our creations is individually handcrafted. We focus on creativity and high quality wood. The wood used is carefully selected and only from trees that no longer bear fruit.

All our products are made in Tunisia. With great attention to detail and quality, our family manufactory has been producing high quality unique olive wood products for decades.

We bring the Mediterranean to your home

What makes our product unique?

Tunisia's olive trees are to a large extent many centuries old and are only released for wood utilization when they no longer guarantee high-yield olive fruit harvests. Our extraction area, the SFAX region, benefits from its special location between the beautiful Mediterranean coast and the desert with its unique climate zone.

Perfect gift

100 % ecological, 100 % plastic-free

A gift is worth as much as the love with which it was chosen. Each SOLTAKO product is unique and has a unique grain.

As part of our sustainable production strategy - "GO GREEN SOLTAKO" - we have decided that we will take a leading role and use only plastic-free alternatives. Therefore, our packaging is already made of 100% recyclable paper.